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Yeah good days are soon and yet to come , what it's required is maximum petience and getting informed.So let us all join hands to inform others.
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Whenever you stay focused you are sure that you will overcome every challenge and there will always be a break through for assured
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The focus is still on without a doubt, however the process is too slow and painful. None the less we, shall continue to persevere.
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Really unircon is a wonderful house family which can make a lot of differences in various aspects of life through keeping members so patient to win so members we shall win let us wait for the outcomes.
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Yes those who didn't listen to our words will one-day believe and regret and surprisingly we shall be far.
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According to what is going on in the whole world, ever everything is going smoothly economically the whole world is changing.

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Dear friends, brothers and sisters in UNICORN FAMILY, we have passed in Alot of tough situations definitely the same challenges but we are of the chosen generation. The power of we has managed to reach here where we are sofar. Let's keep on pushing on because I have a strong belief that good days are coming.

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