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I thanked God for making me to be among the partakers of Unicron network and yem which is the products of safezone.
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Thanks unicorn network for not being selfish and a wish the world was like unicorn people would be with peace and stability
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It's really the truth, that UNICORN NETWORK is good and fair. Because when i look around i can see peoples or members who have joined UNICORN NETWORK FAMILY are not on the same level of education but as it's a unicorn it unites all people of different carracters. So as long as you prefer to choose Unicorn Network you will never be on same level if you know it's roles then you'll achieve good achievements because it needs to change peoples lives of leaving and it doesn't depends on how educated you're . So my dear unicorn family members don't listen to negativities just be humble and patient good times are on the way coming and they're on door steps knocking . This is UNICORN NETWORK which unites all kinds of human beings.Big up to all BIDs and all leaders.
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It's well written in bible that Those who were in front will one-day be behind and visevarsa. So we are previlaged and blessed plus humbled.
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Yeah unicorn network, Safezone projects, maybe they came to level the world because most of the people in villages had been left behind. But now hahahaha here we goooo.
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For sure if you can see around or see most brothers and sisters in UNICORN FAMILY most of them are my those not with government jobs, some us didn't study much, we don't own cars, houses mentioned but a few. So I really appreciate Unicorn network and Thank God for chosing us to not always be underlined. Big up to all leaders.

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