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At this time, YEM has started to be widely used as a transaction tool, so that many people are hunting for YEM to use it as a transaction tool. Congratulations to YEM which still dominates the score.

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This is the true definition of amazing Grace.
To the Moon and beyond.Actually we shall fly past Mars..Satan and Jupiter past neptune , we shall reach beyond the sun. Yem will conquer the universe in 2023
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This is a good trend for all Yem holders. It shows that there is some awareness created and the general public is coming to terms to believe in Yem. Impulse purchase is at play right now. I pity the late comers, because they may find nothing or very little left.
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Scarcity of YEM at the end of month in January is pushing up the YEM value

The scarcity of YEM exhibited in the last bit of the month of January has enabled to push up the value of YEM. It is probably possible that there are many buyers out there buying YEM and staking it in POS before the month breaks. The available supply was 33 millions at the start of January and now at the end its down to 22 million available supply. What a sharp movement for the beginning of the year !

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