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If I am rich today I will use my money to visit some set of people. This include the less privileged one, the orphan the beggars just to mention but a few.
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This is good but because of how same people were brought up it makes them not understand that the needy need us more.
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Exactly,i will think of them because they don't have money to use so i should help the needy.
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Success is not how much you have success is how many people you have helped to succeed.
So it's God's command to help those in need and the experience we have got since we joined safe zone we can't forget our brothers and sisters because together we change the world.
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A giving heart is always rewarded by God , never be selfish by your own , today you have tomorrow it will be other person, A Good heart always wins , A selfish person never succeeds help , give God will grant you more .
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When you get rich, think of the neddy oeople

I know you are going to get money but when you get rich, think of the poor, the ones in hospital, the orphans etc
Don't leave for your self and your family too.
But even for some other people.

How do you vote?

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