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Some people have double mind when deciding on something else. Most a times they used to confused on what to do and what not to do.
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They always say that god help those who help themselves so it me to make changes for the better future.
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Yes ,one to make changes for the future he or she needs to sit down and make seriously calculated work plan ,then put into implementetion
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Of course Evey man is equal to his decisions.
So what I want to be in future depends on my decisions I make today.
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We try to help change someone's fate for the better and can follow our advice. Do what you can do if the incident can't follow us then leave everything to him. Good luck YEM
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The responsibility of planning, making strategies, having a vision among other issues entirely lies on an individual. No body can do it for you
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Change in life is guided by an element called attitude. The more positive you are the more likely you can change and the reverse is also true.
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It's up to you to make changes for your future or not

It's up to you to make changes for your future or not, many people think they need to be first helped to change something in their lives but it is not the case. Change your mind and something happens

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