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A good adviser is a person who see dangers a head of him and advises his followers to take note and precautions.
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Of course some people may regret for not taking my advice , especially after refusing to join me on YEM technology , however that's where the world is going.
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Exactly,very many of them will regret about my advice.there very many people which i have been telling them about safe zone and they called me fraud so very soon there are going to regret because yem is overtaking.
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If at all the advice was beneficial and had important knowledge to solve the issues aperson had
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100% they will and we have nothing to do with them because the world give you what you worked for.
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They don't believe in YEM because what they want is immediate proof. If in the end the YEM succeeds, of course those who don't participate in YEM will be blamed
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People are going to regret for not having a safe zone because we going in a new world system
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Some people are going to start blaming them selves after seeing great things happening and yet they did not participate.
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Yes there are some people who will regret after missing the opportunities in unicorn and so when we start enjoying our fruits they will regret
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People can not blame you when they were given the chance to join and invest in Unicorn network and they stubbornly refused. Let everyone carry their cross.
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Will some people regret for not following your advice

True many people have been told about SafeZone and it's projects but they think it' can't happen, when things change, whom will they blame, you or themselves, to whom it may concern.

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