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Definitely,we knew very well that old people know everything but in this information age it is not
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With technological advancement the youth I mean young people have achieved higher great knowledge compared to the aged.
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But not forgetting that old is gold old people hold a lot
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In this information age the young knows much more than the old. This is because the young is much educated they can read and understand each and every information they come across.
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Technological developments affect the growth of a child according to his time. Of course when compared to our parents this is very different and far different from the era
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they known much more than the older generation.

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The new, modern and technological age is definitely for the young. Indeed they known much more than the older generation.
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Gone are the days when we all knew that old people know everything. But in this information age it'.

When we were still young, we were told that old people are a source of information and in case you had arguments on a certain issue, they were solved by the elders but in this era of Technology, a five year old child can know something when a fifty year old mature person do not know.

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It depends on what you mean. Age gives wisdom and combined with technology, you can go a long way like Billionnaire Warret Burfett
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