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Exactly in differenty country economy will crunch in this economy revolution
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because this crush had been thre whinch led to the raising of socials in communities like increase in prices of commodities and medicine
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I don't know where we going because things are getting worse.
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If that nightmare happens, everyone will panic, maybe we will re-arrange life from zero. We will fight just to be able to support ourselves
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There's something new and shocking that is about to happen, I think God is tired of the way His planet that He invested in a lot of time is being abused by His own creations i.e human beings.
I see things getting worse in the future where we headed. People should economize the little they have so as to survive the unknown future ahead of us.
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Economies are crashing, governments and big companies are closing.

Same government economies are totally crushing to zero,big companies are closing leaving their workers unemployed.inflation is high Where are we going brotherens? how are we going to overcome this situation? Alot of people are going to be desparent and ran mad God have mercy on your people.

How do you vote?

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