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because the alliens were also created by God therefor we all need to believe that the aliens are in existance
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Of course this kind of life still exists just because, what we we see happening now and what used to happen long time ago shows that there must be something hidden behind all this.
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Yes they do, the evil elites have done what ever they can to destroy the earth.
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aliens they are in others planet in a real world i remember one day when i used drugs for removing my stress i feel aliens want to contact me my eyes tell to me they are looking me in my every steps well with this way i understand them they are super educated then human aliens are super minded and we human want to find them but they dont want to connect with us
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Does extraterrestrial (alien) life exist in the universe?

What do you think?
Do aliens (extraterrestrials) exist in the universe?

Or do you think we are the only sentient beings in the whole universe?

The universe is such a vast thing, with so many galaxies, planets, stars, and so much that we have no idea about. To me, it seems impossible that we are alone in the universe.

There are newspaper and other historical accounts of beings coming from the sky. The ancient Egyptian culture talks about beings coming from the stars. The Hopi Indians in the USA have a creation belief that they are descendant from Star People as they call them. There are so many others like that around the world.

What about your local culture? Leave a comment about what you think, do you have a local legend or story about star people or something like that?

How do you vote?

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Les extrats terrestres existent bel et bien. Nous ne sommes pas les seuls... comme c'est bien dit. Merci KPONA
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