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I believe in God because he's the best way to live with and what ever you do can be blessed by him
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To those who would think that seeing an alien means there's no God, I asked them, who created those aliens?
Will people use aliens as an excuse for not believing and feeling guilty for all the "terrible" things they do or think in their life (and they want to keep doing)?

Well, pretending something doesn't exist doesn't make it disappear automatically. So, don't illude ourselves and don't worry: when the time comes, we will all know the truth. Unfortunately, it will be too late.
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There's none other than God ! Whatever exists be it aliens, extraterrestrial life etc... God is still the Alpha and Omega. I do strongly believe that all creation be it on any planets that have life on them, it's the power of my God in Heaven that made it possible for those lives to exist. I would therefore implore all human nature to bow down for God until that appropriate time that we will all be able to meet Him in the next life.
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God is the most high and nothing is comparable with God.
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Can you still believe in God even if extraterrestrials exist?

Though we all have various names for God, the basic premise is that there is a creator, a higher consciousness than ourselves individually. Perhaps all of our various beliefs are really just facets of the same diamond. When we find a common thread between our beliefs, the consciousness that there is something more than ourselves, we can understand that we are all one together. When you are one with the creator, and therefore also one with all good humans on the planet at the same time, it is also possible that you can be one with the whole planet too, the plants, animals, and the very Earth itself. By this extension by being one with all on the planet and the creator, since the planet is part of the universe, then you can be one with the universe at the same time. Therefore, if extraterrestrials exist, then they are part of the universe, and therefore also part of the creator and one with all of us too.

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