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Webinar is the easiest way of passing information about business run by any company. Meanwhile it is good for a company to run a webinar.
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Afew hours remaining to the mega webinar
Let's wait for exciting news
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Good news, hopefully with this webinar in March you will get good news for its members. Congratulations and good luck to YEM
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All members of unicorn come and attend this webinar of 1st March which I hope is going to be with alot of important updates from both yem foundation and unicorn network please keep time.
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Countdown, two days left to along waited webinar on 1st March announced woow!

Hello members , the long waited webinar of 1st march is finally announced. Please those who haven't registered go and do so we are remaining with only two days to it.i hope there is going to be alot of exciting news in this webinar of 1/3/2023. We care we share that's the power of we.

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Honestly, so many anticipate for exciting news from this webinar. In my humble view, I would have wished to hear YEM foundation give a clear and sincere position of what's exactly going on within the foundation so that the world's YEM holders can relax. I don't find a problem with the foundation telling the whole truth and only the truth that YEM foundation still has obstacles to fix before the Rainbow currency comes into force, it would be fair rather than people waiting in anticipation for something that is for the next 20 or 30 years to be functional. This is just my own opinion, no bad feelings.
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It's not a surprise because there's no clear information and guidance on how and where to register from.
We don't have like a WhatsApp group where such information can be shared.
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