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One of the poor mentality which makes a lot people usually remain poor is that most people come from a very poor background without knowing that the power of change is at their hand.
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This topic is true because when you come from in the poor family now do everything necessary that you family will be rich
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yeah u can become a richest person in your family though u came from poor family by fighting and work hard for your future and change the history of your family
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Stop complaining about poverty, we are trying to change the situation from being poor to being rich, we are struggling to gain wealth
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You may have to fight battle more than once to win extra hard grab opportunities in the right time you will make it.
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If you don't come from a rich family,let the rich family come from you.

Many people do complain that they are poor because they come from poor families not knowing that to be rich is a individuals responsibility.if you were born from a poor family try to work hard and make your family rich. It's possible because the only person that can limit you is yourself.

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