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Yes I strongly believed that safezone is going to conquered the world in future. Therefore let everyone of us encourage pernum as a digital payment processor
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The power of pernum and yem as digital currency will take the lead of the world because every thing has its own time so its time for pernum and yem to take control . Everything that happens on this earth, happens at the time of it. No mistake pernum will lead the revolution of new money, economy. Politics, commerce and many others. Nice time.
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I believe that safe zone will conquer everything because it is going widely across the whole world thus making a pernum holder rich
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Exactly I believe that safezone would conqueror the world because they have many projects that they could help people to gain poverty
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yes i believe that safezone is gong to led the world in terms of business because we are the biggest project in world
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Every business introduced to safezone must open a pernum to receive yem as a means of payment.
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Do you believe that safezone is going to conquer the world?

The power of pernum is going to conquer all business models. Every business in the near future is going to receive digital reward and give their customers digital cash back. So this means that they have to first get pernums inorder to receive their rewards hence increase of pernum holders which will create yem userbility.

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