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Let us all not relent our hope in one means or source of income, so that when that means fold we can equally survive.
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First and foremost, this Rainbow currency issue is a thing or project for 2090 and above when the new world order is in play. All people be advised that none of you above 18yrs is going to use this YEM as a legalized global currency in ur lifetime. I strongly suggest that either YEM foundation comes out straight and tells these desperate YEM holders the truth, which truth will be bitter but better so that people stop having false hopes of ever seeing YEM as a legalized global currency.
It's high time people resorted to other forms of earning a living than trying to dream about the unknown.
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They talked about digital rewards where customers will get rewards after buying goods and services.
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Wha was enjoyable in last night's webinar members?

Very many people were very eager to listen to the yembuyback program and we're disappointed. members stop raising false hopes instead listen to what the organizers tell you. look for other things to do besides yem inorder for you to get daily meal.

How do you vote?

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