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Patient is better that to get money because if you don't have patient you will got pression for nothing

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Yes, nice to talk about waiting and hoping for some thing that will be fruitful in the near future really its very surprisíng and marvelous because it reduces stress from the body and even relaxes minds to think in abstract way of becoming rich. Nice time all unicorn members. Bravo.
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Maybe hope is the way to go but not to success coze every believe waiting and hoping Jesus is in the way to come the generation came and go,then the ather one begin from there
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Exactly the hardest test in life is to have a patient
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Waiting for the right moment is so painful but if you do whats required for you becomes easy.
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The hardest tests in life is the patience to wait for the right moment. .

To be patient doesn't matter but what you do while waiting. This is a special thanks to safezone for teaching us the power of patience. Behavior, respect and responsibility should be well observed while we are waiting.

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