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Peace and love , behind u hoping 4 the best as you win these elections
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Wish u the best , as we pray and get benefits from Yem
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Goodfry mayanja he can lead incoming vote because I have a great support according to the people who are campaing
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He is a man who is intelligent and has leadership skills.
He keeps the integrity and core values of unicorn network.
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He is able and a hard working man according to the leards in Uganda

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He must win because he is able.
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Yo profile forced me to vote u and encourage other coligees to do the same.

Team mayanja
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He will win the elections of this year 2023 because he did great foundation for yem
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He is Avery hard working man, who unites people loving father ,aparent,charitable,wize,he spent alot of time preahing the gospel of yem every where ,he has done many things to unicorn members ie many of us has got ,known yem through him
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Because he has so many live example to prove the love for unicorn....and in Uganda he built the foundation by teaching a group of young people who spread the gospel about yem.
Many of us are under his down line he deserves the office of the national director Uganda.
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Mayanja Godfrey has been an icon in spreading the good news about YEM..Many of us had lost hope in online projects but he genuinely showed us that YEM is was a currency to be used in the future without me and my team are going to vote him for National Director in Uganda. He deserves the post.

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Something that is impossible to happen can happen and we don't know someone's fate or luck. If that is indeed a consideration for the good of our program, I agree to support it
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He is able guy and is goin to win much as he can we do believe in him
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Godfrey Mayanja will represent us both to the yem foundation and to our local authorities such that yem becomes legal tender in Uganda.
Please vote Mayanja
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We are all ready to support our own man
He is ready to take us to the promised land ahead of us
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I have heard alot of people saying that he won't win but remember in this world what goes around, comes around. So whatever he did to share success in this project and again having capacity to lead will make him win this post.

How do you vote?

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I think the kind of issues going around this election are kind of unfair. I believe open campaign and election is what must be taken into serious consideration.
There's no reason whatsoever some people must want or use force to shut up some people that come up with disapproval for the paraded leader/s. Let voters be free to put their pros and cons if favor of the particular candidate they they're in favor of to be a leader.
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Never judge a book by its cover, if you look at this organization it's found of youth and election of youth no no sense so expect negative results
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