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Estos proyectos están inspirados en el BIEN COMUN. Si pensamos en el BIEN DE TODOS y PARA TODOS, la providencia nos acompañará.
Bien por la gran familia de SAFEZONE
added by Marcial Nuñez Alonzo 171 days ago 0    0

I Thank Mr Dan to create such a big deal for us, really I have not yet go a broad since I have born but I hope I will manage to fly to abroad to America because I have the great digital currency YEM
added by Adam Tratsinze 186 days ago 1    0

Exactly patience in All Yem holders would be a big success
added by Anonymous 202 days ago 0    0

That's true we are about to reach in the promised Land.
added by Anonymous 205 days ago 1    0

always patience pains but pays
added by Anonymous 205 days ago 1    0

Thank you all digital Tim all friends Everyone should use it wisely
added by Anonymous 208 days ago 2    0

Our beloved Deputy President YEM FOUNDATION, Dan Settgast is the true son of God, thus won't fail taking us to the promised land!!
added by Anonymous 208 days ago 2    0

Every good thing takes time to mature. Construction is silent but distruction is loud so being patiently waiting so that the system is built up to the required level that will sustain ít for 300 years. When food is being cooked when its yours although you are hungry , you have to wait patiently untill the food is ready to be consumed with out any side effect. Thank you nice time.
added by Alex Ariho 208 days ago 2    0

Patience in all SafeZone projects will lead us to success

Be sober and vigilant and remain focused .we are soon reaching the promised land. Dan SETTGAST our liberator will drive us home safely.stop worrying and fearing

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