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I don't know exactly what is happening to Manchester United football club. The club that was doing well during the time of sir Alex Ferguson is now not performing well again.
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This is very true football, what has ever happened must happen again.
So even this time Liverpool FC is repeating it.
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Always bad teams are beaten those goals but come to arsenal no any team now on planest earth can beat us those goals
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Patience pains but pays, determination persistence and conference leads to success.
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Much more is coming this season, I see Liverpool making it to top four and don't be surprised when it comes to the top four of the premiership. We are going to win all the matches against Chelsea, Manchester city and Arsenal. You better stand warned guys, Liverpool is most likely to surprise football fans by taking this title this season.
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Many people like and fall in love with Manchester United because of its interesting games and the club's frequent wins, but it must be admitted that other football clubs try to achieve the best and win in every game they play.
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Am not much aware of football clubs or don't have more updates Because am not much a fun of football clubs except my country and local teams. But am seeing my brother crying for his Manchester united Because of losing a game.

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