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For sure online political campaign is 100% better than face to face political campaign. This is because online campaign doesn't take much time.
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Si la campagne est présentiel on peut déjà deviner a travers le comportement du communicateur s,il ment ou pas . Par contre on peut voiler tout si la campagne se fait par les réseaux
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Now what we are looking for is in the most efficient ways possible, according to lifestyle and the demands of the times
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To me I prefer on line compagns reason being you reach to many people compared to physical.
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Online campaigns are good because they can reach far areas without involving alot of transport fares. They reach even international spheres without wasting time to go for far journeys. They can also connect different languages by using one connecting language and on top of that you are free to change your phone to a language you understand.
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There are many reasons to why a person can say PRO instead of NO.
-Online campaigns don't take alot of time.
- online campaigns atleast they reduce on hetrade. Mentioned but a few.

How do you vote?

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Lo presencial, en política, es insustituible. Un político debe ser analizado a profundidad por sus electores. La vía online es impersonal, no deben votar por alguien sólo por haberlo visto en las Redes Sociales.
Verlo personalmente es la clave para usted darse una idea exacta de cualquier persona. Alerta con esto.
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Am actually against online campaigns due to the fact that a lot is left or hidden from the crowds. It isn't easy to shoot questions to these campaigners in real time coz they tend to dodge the real issues and leave the masses in dilemma without answering the issues that touch the people. I therefore support real time physical campaigns personally.
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