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As for me, it is advisable to vote a visionary leader. A leader who who knows the mind of his people. A leader who will take yem currency to its limelights.
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We can have a try on his vision but must work According to the standards and above all customer care matters
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He is good but in elections the voters are the ones who decide.
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Mayanja Godfrey must take the lead
How many believe so
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Yes someone who has such adream is a great one with appositive attitude towards his business.
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Nsengiyumva has been consistent for this position of leadership way back during the elections of Board of International Directors (BID) when he was was among the candidates in March 2021.

Let support him for this position this time around so that he can realize his vision for YEM currency in Uganda. He will have two core functions including: to represent all Yem holders and represent Yem Foundation at authoriies and the public respectiively.

Am looking forward to all us to give the vote so that Yem currency can go to greater heights in Uganda and Africa at large.

Am Twesigye Steven his supporter and also you support him.

How do you vote?

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Voting a National director for Yem currency is not a walkover. We need someone reasonable enough and presentable. The problem with Ugandans is that they put everything political instead of seeing everything in their own perspective. Lets vote wisely comrades because this in a crutial issue which needs to be handled with alot of due deligence.
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Everyone has ability some were he or she can save maybe senjianva came come back on the ather post, and beer it in mind if you fall the first time you will always ( Besigye)
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