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Patient is the best medicine in life. Whatever someone is doing, the person has to cultivate patients in it believing God for optimistic future.
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A delay is not a denial. Yem holders should continue practicing patience as it has been.we need to remain calm incase there is something which has not come to reality even if it was Yem Foundation which announced it. As we are livingbin a changing society, things may not work as programmed due to un avoidable circumstances which causes changes which changes one can call them a failure or a refusal. But all in all, lets remain calm as we wait for bigger things ahead of us all.
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Exactly we don't loose hope because Yem is our hope
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If you are about to reach you get trials so this indicates we are sooner.
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Don't lose hope we are almost there.

Many yemholders are very discouraged because of some delays in yembuy back program. But mind you success is not astraight line. You must exercise some patience and how you behave while waiting is what makes meaning.

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