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Non members of unicorn has done much to turn yemholders negative, please yemholders stay positive your time is coming you are about to reach your destiny.
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Never let the outside noise affect your inner peace, negativity doesn't deserve your energy.

Never you allow negative forces to win you. People who are negative should not be given a chance in our lives because they are poisonous to our dreams. You have been in a business for six years now why do you allow some one who is ignorant about the business to turn you negative. Please be passionate to your business.

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Never hate someone who is opposed to you callingbhis ideas negativity. He may be seeing far from where you stop seeing. A negative idea is not bad enough to call it negativity but first listen to it and know the cause of it. Make research about what he has said what you call negativity. Look for a solution, and move on. Don't and never hate someone who tells you something bad about you because even governments have opposition which is to perform checks and balances.
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