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African leaders are extremely are the worst set of leadership. They are totally corrupt set of leaders.
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Because there are few countries in Africa with democracy and that's why most African dictators are threatened by the young generation especially those with leadership ambitions.
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Most if not all African leaders are so greedy that they don't give chance to young ones to take part in leadership posts saying that youths are leaders of tomorrow but when is tomorrow comes? These old leaders can kill youths like cockroches, they at times make them lame, by sustaining longterm injuries which becomes longlife trauma to other youths. This makes many youths to fear joining politics.
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African Leaders,the old people in power in Africa they don't feel safe when the youth wants to be a

African leaders are really so greedy when it comes to being the top leaders of the country to the extent of spending all they got and being old, they don't give chance to the youth to take part in the top leadership, following the recent election that just happened in Africa. As a child growing up, they used to tell us that we are the leaders of tomorrow and my question is when will it be?

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