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Yes they will don't worry just be patient with anything
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The government will provide infrastructure in rural areas .
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There is no problem with Web 3 internet in terms of spreading to deep villages. You find that in Many African countries like Uganda, even if you go to the remotest area you will have access to internet. Even if you go to forested areas like Kyenjojo and Kibaale district internet is accessible. You find there almost in every family there is someone having a Smart phone even if its small but he or she can access internet. That means, with Web 3 technology everything will move on smoothly regardless of the distance from City centres.
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Web 3.0 is approaching fast but are will the Ugandans deep in the villages cope with the spred ?

I am very pessimistic on whether certain governments in Africa will be able to cope with the new technology e.g Web 3.0 that is taking the Globe to a new level. I know that need for new technology infrastructure is required, and lots of money and sacrifices will be needed to move at a slightly average speed with the rest of the World.
Digital infrastructure is required and so is the free internet, but the cost of data in Africa is overwhelming in real sense.
Just asking, will those local people in our villages access the Internet and understand the new digital era of technology that is here ?

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