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Congratulations to yem foundation company. Yem is now becoming a global digital payment processor to be recognized in future.
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You can't invest in any technology without yem because yem is afuture currency.
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Yes it is true no Yem no technology because Yem is a digital money so we know that we are in the the information Age that why no Yem no technology
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Yes if you don't have yem you won't pay in any technology so better look for yem.
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Yem is the greatest of them all and they whole world will come to terms when they realise that Unicorn Network is the Worlds Biggest Project.
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No Yem No Technology is a true notion.

Fellow Unicorn members, i would like to share with you this because what we have on our Pernum is the real Technology. Look at the different sites which have dicided to partner with Yem. They are many right now and much more are yet to come. This means that, all big businesses are going to rotate around Yem. So far we have got ABC company which has accepted YEM% for YEM holders to get shares. SNI also accepted Yem for any member to get a second share after buying q share with cash. All these companies are big ones because ABC deals in Health activies whereas SNI deals social Network. YEM holders, we are blessed indeed. I have never heard any company to accept any other crypto coins for interested members to buy shares. NEVER. Yem is really a first digital fiat currency.

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