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The only thing that different being single and being married is because the married people spent a lot of money in training their children while the single does not spent much money on themselves.
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Being single is better than being married.

Single life is better than marriage life in that when you are single you don't need alot of money to take care of yourself but being married, you need too much money to cater for the family. When you are single you will move to any place you feel like unlike someone married he or she will have to first seek permission from his or her partner especially women needs to get permission from her husband. On top of that singles choose the right choice of a person whom he or she may need to have sex with unlike married people who have to stick on one partner for sex everydayyyy which makes it boring. What is your take on this point????

How do you vote?

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Apart from being generally human, men are physiologically different from women. This means that the two genders need to complement each other for a full life.
The story of creation underscores how God realised that Adam was lonely and He created a spouse for him.
If there was no need for this bilateral cooperation, the world would have had only one gender. What makes people think that single life is better than married life?
It is all because the men feel that they have a right to have many wives and the women think that they should own their husbands. The day that will be solved, those who think that single life is better, will change their minds
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If single life was better than married life then we would have a planet of men alone or women alone and that would be fine.
Please do not challenge Gods creation. We were created and made for each other, both male and female.
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Married people enjoy life together because they do not need to meet stranger for help in case of lmmergencies

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