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I am so grateful for being one of Mr. Godfrey Mayanja's number one fun...I and all my downlines voted for him
We expect much from him and I believe he will never disappoint his voters
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This was a genuine election and it was really simple for us to chose which person is do do better for us. I believe us a man of integrity and that does not mean that other contestants are bad but a position was for only one. Next time maybe my other brothers one shall take it over.
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Uganda going in this direction is exciting well we have been lagging behind for quite a while in a lot of things but now seeing that we also respond to this global concern quickly is a good step I know we have missed out on a lot of things but this is our chance now. Thanks for the post brother
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Results for elections of Uganda National Director has been announced.

Mr. Mayanja Godfrey has been officially announce among many as the Yem Foundation National Director for Uganda. He has managed to get a landslide victory of 69.36% making him the first Uganda's National Director Yem Foundation. He has managed to win other 4 contestants who have been vying for the same seat. He was the first person to be elected under the Quantum Voting System in Uganda. Congratulations Mr. Mayanja Godfrey for being elected as our National Director Yem Foundation Uganda. Those who were contesting with him, please don't loose hope. Mayanja's term of office will take only three years.So, get prepared for the forthcoming elections by 2026. We love all in Jesus' name.

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