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Ya it's was based on economic issues, the liberaters of humanity wanted to throw away the thirteen families from power.
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Most major wars on planet Earth have been politically motivated.
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All people who were involved in those war were greedy for power
Mind you when someone one is having stable economy it means is more powerful
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Yes they were trying to change money, but it was not easy for them because by that time it was difficult for them to communicate it was difficult because there were no roads to reach some places as it is today
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It's of recent that I have known that the major causes of world wa 1 and 2 were more Economical

The major causes of world war 1 and 2 were more Economical than Political. If you analyse these wars, they were trying to drive the Dollar globally though majority looked at it as being a Political affair. It's now that majority have known the core cause.

How do you vote?

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Not actually economy but also deserve for the pore and greedy
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