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I strongly believed with people that says that mothers love is the only true love. It is 100% accepted. This is a general phenomenons. Mothers are so much concerned upon their children.
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Take note no one will really love you more than your parents in this life Or the next, so uterlize their love and never miss any.
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I call amother ahero because she is the mother of the nation and the world atlarge . Where there is no mother there is no multiplication of humanity.
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I agree the true definition of love begins from mama, she never takes it at any time really they deserve the best in all.
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Yes mother's love is the true love,when you were sick who was the first to be sorry for you?,was your mother,mothers do put all of they have for you to survive!
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Mother's love is the only true love, exactly mothers they can't betroy their children
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It's 100% true no one on earth will ever love you the way she does..God bless my mom
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Its because mothers stay with their children most times than men,
Mothers are so loving to their children than men

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Is the only person who can stay with all diffucults when she is pregnant on top of that also Brest feeding that baby shows her friend ship

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Mother's love is the only true love!!!!!

My mother is my number one and I believe no one would love me
More than she does...her love is so pure and natural...

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That is just a statement said so often. But fathers also do genuinely love except that women attach emotions which men don't do usually.
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