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are you sure coz some women are so brave and they are seriously making men loyalt to them .
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Awife needs to be loved and cared by his husband because that's his responsibility.
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Indeed it's his duty, because he is the head and responsibilities belongs to him,and it's not that we ladies are not responsible yet we can also be supportive to our loved ones thou they are in charge.
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You are right. The man should love, provide and protect the woman. Details here are in the Holy Bible, book of Genesis.
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Yes because it is his responsibility to take care of the family especially his wife
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It is true a man to take care of his wife but Genesis 1:28 tells us all were bless, which means also a wife has to work , a man is a head of the family then a wife is a manager of the family while a man is a manager of God he will give the accountability to God
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But i think they have to work together, compliment one another so as to be acceptable to each other@
added by NSENGIYUMVA DEOGRATIAS 59 days ago 5    0


From the beginning of Genesis, God created Adam and gave him a helpmate Eva.
A man should go out there and hustle with life, make money and when he's ready for marriage then propose to the wife and start a family.
From there a father is the HEAD of a family. Let's make money and pray hard so that we can find out True love and be able to take care of our families.

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