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I don't need to call her cuz I chose to stay with my mom for life. I'm even sitting next to her watching TV rn
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Your mom needs to be taken good care of because without your mom you would have not been in existence so kudos to our mom.
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Il faut s'occuper des mères quand elles sont encore en vie sinon vous allez regretter en leur absence
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Respect her when she is still a live because one day one time she will have to die
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I thank God every time i think about my parents coz the moment i think about Mom, Dad will not missed from the picture.
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You have to respect and take care of your mother when she is still alive. Give her what you have nomatter how little it may be.
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Communication with all loved ones is key especially in this digital age.
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Oh God bless my mom give her good life full of joy and happiness
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If you still have your mom please

Because one day you will have no chance to talk to let her know how much you love and miss her
Call her...

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Sometimes it's better to leave things alone and in peace than to fight and humiliate each other over the same little things over and over again. The one-sided attempt at contact must at some point be compensated. My door is always open to her and she has my phone number. After she last hung up the phone without saying a word when I wanted to tell her about my heart attack. Now she has to take the next step. But she will never overcome this pride and therefore die alone (despite 3 children and 8 grandchildren). God be with her!
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