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To be ateacher you must be trained , must make enough research about what what you have to teach others that's why teachers make lesson plans before they go to class.
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The struggle to freedom is always unjustly portrayed by the regimes in power. The aim behind all that is to crush any opposition. Period.
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Sometimes we are not wrong but we don't have words to prove us right.

Very many people have been innocently victimised for certain un known cases. Sometime times, political leaders are brutalily arrested when they are fighting for the rights of their surbodinates.They dont commit any offence but at times they may luck words to convince the government that they are innocent and they end up rotting in jail for nothing.

How do you vote?

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Unless when one doesn't know their rights to prove him/herself and in countries without democratic principles but where rule of law is preserved there's no need to brutalised.
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