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If you are acitizen of the country you should be knowing the cultures of different tribes in your country.
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Cultures and norms are embedded in an origin of a race, tribe or people of the semillar beliefs plus location, and that should always be carried along in life.
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Before leaving your home country for another, first make research about your culture.

Many people move from their home countries for others some in search for shelter and others for adventure. But I urge people to first make adventures in their home country such that when you move to another, some cultures won't worry you.

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Becaz ur leaving ur culture . U just have to research about the culture 4 the place where ur leaving to.
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When it comes to traveling culture is less considered but what's more important is to keep on unlearning and relearn how people you you interacted behaves,respect them,love,cherish them the rest will follow.
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