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Your everyday money on top that can changes the life for people for the future in worldwide, because it's digital currency
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One adage said that travel is a part of education no matter how one travel either by private vehicle or public vehicle it is believed that the person has gained experience during the cost of his or her journey.
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Of course everything private is better than public e.g
1. Schools
2. Markets
3. Toilets
To mention but a few
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Yes because if one has his or her private car he can drive it well than some one driving for some one
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private life can be interesting sometimes and it's better coz you will always have your own space to enjoy
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private transport it saves time soon you can reach you journey in time without any delay.
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Private transport is faster than public transport
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Private life is always and will always be better because it you have security .
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I agree because private cars their operators gives respect to their passengers ,they take the exact number of people, there's no abuse in private cars.cleanlinessis their key factor.
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private transport is better than public transport because you manage your self and you can decide at what time to leave
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The mode of transport adopted by any individual is just a sign of a status symbol or level. Wealth or money is the major determinant here. The rest come in later.
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You're the one in charge with private transportation and decision making is easy other than with public transportation.
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In private transport you even have chance to travel at own speed and with people of your choice.

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Private transport is better than public transport

When you compare both private and public transport, private is far better than public transport. With private transport, you reach your destination in time whereas public transport like taxis involves alot of stoppages while loading and offloading passengers. With private transport, you do not need to w0rry wakeing up very early, you just to utilise your time very well such that you do not be caught by time.

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For the case of private transport is good but it catters for ablebodied men and not all people are at the samefooting but with technology they say time waits for no man those with creptocurrence yem, you have already owned your private jets where you will move from uganda to other countries and overseas to tour and buy goods for home use. Public means are soon seizing because of technology and development.
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Private transport you spend a lot of fuel. And causes alot of jam in urban areas
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