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The devil is eating up the church these days through members who perform sex with pastors, fellow members who are not their spouses, choir members. Other church members are involved in homosexual behaviors that are prohibited by the church. This human wrong in the time of Lot led to the destruction of an entire generation by fire which fell on the city of Sodom and Gomorah. There people who smoke in church including banned substances like poppy, marijuana and cocaine. These are morally unacceptable vices before God and demand genuine repentance for God to forgive them.
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The devil has blinded people's eyes that they are not afraid of doing evil things even in broad day light
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It's all 100% true the way how people worship changed that is 50 years back,the way people understand God is 100%changed, the way people respect each other changed yet God says love each and you can't pretend to Love God whom you don't see and fail to love the person next to you....we live in the wilderness, but we fails each other everyday
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It's true the devil is eating up the church, people nolonger worship God in truth,most of the times we lie on phones ,by doing this we give the devil chance.
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Evil pastors everywhere,corruption in the church,prostitution and adulterous people in churches, witchcrafty and theft in church.
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Because now days people do hate each other where by they do kill each other in the church and even people in the church do practice homosexuality ,thank you
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The real truth is the devil is surely eating up the church through vices like immortality among choir members and members of the clergy indulging in immoral behavior with the flock. It is written in the book of Zachariah 13:7 that strike the Shepherd and the sheep will scatter. It literally means, an attack on the pastor or priest through say sexual immortality or embezzlement of church funds like former church of Uganda arch bishop Rev ntagali who apologized to the church but resigned from leadership of the church thereby tarnishing the image of the church. This act alone infuriated many Christians some of whom left the church.
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Yes the devil is eating up the church because people are making very many sins which spoil God's name like people show love man to man and woman to woman which God does not allow in His commandments
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Any time from now true God gonna be revealed no time for pastors to lieying us. There time is over
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Maybe devil is so poor full than Goods for listance lute's ligem not only that also Jesus was tested.
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From the beginning Satan was so poor full in that he can defit believe in most cases take for listance Jesus him self was betrayed
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Light has won darkness, God's power is almost shown and the devil is defeated.
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Yes,the devil eats up the church,for example the supreme catholic church did accept the entry of homosexuality and lesbianism, which was once an act in the late years of Sodom and Gomora in the Bible,even now the ones who had fought against it just they support it which is a big and bad act to the Almighty,I do conclude by saying that the devil is taking over the church.
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Infact the devil is at a high rate where by all who want to acquired wealth run to Church as the business not preaching the gospel,all bad habbits, dressing code are poor beyond the limit.we should pray hard.
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Even now days the pastor's do things which are not accepted by God

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The devil is eating up the church.

The devil is eating up the church. man has separated from the original ways of God in a number of aspects such as dressing, morals and the general behavior to an extent that man has lost most of the basic ethics. How do you vote!

How do you vote?

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