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Onpassive ecosystem is the new digital way of making money in the internet today
Meanwhile I will advise every one of us to go into it
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I will be very happy enjoy the money
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Any time from now its a matter of patience the system to a compleshed any we start enjoying passive income. Banks have been making us poor by injecting from us customers insteady of giving us interests they wont us to pay interests to them . Pernum has made to keep your money in pos and you are given interests for keeping with them so nice and we will continue enjoying interests in yem.
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yes it's done, earnings started when everythings are ready for public.
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O-Connect Listing on onpassive ecosystem!

What is your opinion, when list the O-Connect on onpassive ecosystem? And when started to earn money from onpassive ecosystem?

How do you vote?

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Your post confuses people. It is impossible to vote yes or no about your statement.
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