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In football it is believed that what people predicted some time does come out as predicted. There are chances of Arsenal winning Manchester city in football the same thing is applicable Manchester city winning Arsenal as well.
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The game was over and we won the trophy. At the last minute things changed
added by Anonymous 41 days ago 3    0

Actually members these teams all they have good players and all are fit to defend each other even though Man City can win the game.
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Manchester city will win the game for tomorrow let's wait for it.
added by Anonymous 157 days ago 8    0

Yes very ready for tomorrow's march let's wait for it.
added by Anonymous 157 days ago 8    0

4-1 is the right answer.becouse arsenal is defense can't resist man city's strike Harland.
added by Anonymous 158 days ago 8    0

By hook or Crook we gonna win Mancity 2:1 because if we loose this game we may nt manage to get premier league cup
added by IVAN TUMUSIIME 159 days ago 7    0

We are ready because apart from saliba our team is full and the presence of bukayo give me hope to beat mancity
added by Anonymous 161 days ago 8    0

The Gunners are you ready to defeat Man city tomorrow?

What is your prediction among this prediction:
Arsenal 1-0Mancity
Arsenal 2-0Man City
Arsenal 2-1Man City
Arsenal 3-2Mancity
Mancity 3-1Arsenal

How do you vote?

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