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When yem goes to public yem holders will have to be suprised
added by 1001271327 14 days ago 1    0

I didn't understand well what you mean by YEM going to public. How did the yem holders come to know and yet the statement says when will it be in public. May be saying when it will be accepted by everyone like the way other currencies are acceptable in their respective states. That is my opinion.
added by Anonymous 36 days ago 1    0

Every yemholder will celebrate because they will have achieved abig progress.
added by Anonymous 40 days ago 4    0

It's along time that yem holders have been waiting for that milestone so if it's achieved there will be excitiment on their faces

added by Anonymous 40 days ago 4    0

remember it'sour role as YEM holders to publicize it on our local market.
added by Anonymous 40 days ago 3    0

Yes could be waited amtill it's in public for people to know very many things about yem money that it's true
added by KIMERA CLAUDIO 42 days ago 2    0

Everyone has deferent opinion, for me I think instead of bay back they rather inject that money in fighting to come on board because it is only way to go.
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My suggestion is if yem come on public am sure many yem holders we will be because many people they don't know what is going on,but very soon we will see surprise.

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