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Manchester City is better than Arsenal and no way where Arsenal can beat City. It's city's win.
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No because Manchester city played yesterday with brighton
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Wow wow it was so amazing, i almost jump up the roof of the hall
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It sounds good to arsenal's raivals but to arsenal's support it's occured so there it comes one man's meet is another one's poison.
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Manchester city is ever in records have wonderful players compared to arsenal .
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Because man city is a big team that win the game and it has good players
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Man city won today's match becoz it defeated ansneral 4_1and ansneral was very afraid of man city
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It was a sad moment for the gunners since the cup may be have taken
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Manchester city won today's match

It was marvelous.
and. interesting
to watch arsenal loosing to its rivals manchester city at etihad

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