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I believe the only way of collecting free or additional yem into your account is by logging in daily in your proorno account and participate in their affiliate program of proorno.
added by 1001277811 3 days ago 1    0

Actually members we have many website we're get free YEM but we mind less of which we don't have enough YEM to used for food, shopping and many we have pro or no, wazzup, YEM bet and many more.
added by Anonymous 106 days ago 4    0

Safezone has very many website where you can participate and get free yem like wazzabu, internet news, world radio . today to mention but afew.
added by Anonymous 118 days ago 4    0

The chance is still there to collect free yem because there are links used to collect free yem
added by 1001271327 131 days ago 4    0

Yes because there is alot of links provided by the safe zone so as to collect free yem
added by 1001271327 131 days ago 4    0

seriously if you are lazy to make money now then you will not be able to forgive yourself and poverty awaits you
added by Okello Emma 131 days ago 3    0

There is still a chance because I have collected yem from proorno
added by Anonymous 143 days ago 5    0

Yes there're alot of websites to free yem but it needs time and data.
added by Anonymous 155 days ago 6    0

There is still abig chance of collecting free yem in different activities on different websites.

added by Anonymous 156 days ago 6    0

It's now good to yield something from internet using the provided channel to get free yem
added by Anonymous 156 days ago 5    0

There is still a chance to collect free Yem. Take this opportunity.

There are many Pernum holders with verified accounts, however, they have not struggled to collect more free yem from the lots of links and ways they were accessed to.
This is the only opportunity you still have to collect more free yem. One day you will ask why you didn't use the internet to make money.

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