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I am part of the members that missed yem opportunity when there was a free bet. How I wish this opportunity can be repeated again this year..
added by 1001277811 63 days ago 1    0

True however, I was left out. Am waiting for the next season to see way forward
added by Anonymous 101 days ago 3    0

It was massive in the 2022's yem bet .new members you missed alot of dollars but pray hard for safezone to give us another bet u also collect on the dollars.
added by Anonymous 178 days ago 3    0

This is because alot people collected a lot of free yem in those free games
added by 1001271327 191 days ago 3    0

Yes because people who participated in yem bets where given free yem Dan's hence ending up with a ful yem
added by 1001271327 192 days ago 3    0

The yem holders that are moving with the current trends in the project will always win big. Just join the band wagon. Stop lamenting.
added by Anonymous 201 days ago 4    0

Ofcourse many people who owned yem and verified they received their rewards so people should varify their accounts in order to hold free chances to win daily prizes by participating in games
added by Anonymous 202 days ago 4    0

Yem bet is a good game because it helps people to collect yem in order to increase their yem. I participated in world cup and i collected like 3m ugx so i was very happy and majority made alot more than that . it was my first time but next time i be more experienced to make more and more yem as i can . Thank u.
added by 1001098163 204 days ago 4    0

Of course as they are not shops for yem you can only collect it and to get it better visit think tank
added by Anonymous 212 days ago 3    0

Yes it's a good idea to keep on participating and have some free yem
added by Anonymous 213 days ago 5    0

True for the people who participated in yem bet two years back got alot of yem compared to these days. Bt always knw an early bad catches the first worm.
added by 1001100493 215 days ago 6    0

Yes it was wonderful we waiting for women world cup this year to enjoy it again.
added by Anonymous 216 days ago 5    0

Do you know that people who participated in the yem bet collected a lot?

This was a happiest moment for most YEM holders with verified accounts because they were rewarded with lots of free yem as they participated in the exercise. For those who missed this chance please keep logging in safe search, pro or no until another YEMbet opportunity comes on board this year. Always be a proud member of YEM foundation.

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I don’t no with you guys but unfortunately I have never benefited.
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