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Since the yem is not on the mechanism of proof of stake I feel that leaving your yem there is of no need since it does not generate additional interest.
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The decision to hold on or to cancel the order on yem buyback program is a personal matter of the yem holder. Let's wait for the yem foundation to guide on the future progress.
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Yem buy back most of the members didnt participate because theír yem were all in proof stake so if the programme proceed to the time of buy ,it could be better to inform those who didnt participate to participate also for the yem pay back. Those who withdrew their yem with time i hope they will be informed to participate again. But its good to keep it 0.1 yem in pay back programme.
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As we are changing from fiat to digital I think it's not good to change digital to fiat again.if you do so, the aim is meeting less .
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Maybe in the near future it may yield some good news
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Members let us be patient if time comes we shall enjoy. patient pains bt pays. Wazzuuub
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Not yet let's be patient when it's time comes we will enjoy.
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Since yem buyback was brought to share success in case there funds in foundation. I kept them without withdrawing it.
I will wait until it will be
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Have you withdrawn your 0.1 YEM from YEM buyback or you kept it there?

Some yem holders have withdrawalawned their 0.1 YEM since it could not yield anything compared to those which is in Proof of Stake. It's a great idea to some and to others they are still waiting that may be at one time in the future the exercise will yield them fiat. As for you as a YEM Holder what did you opt for?

How do you vote?

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No because the unicorn network has not yet people to withdrawal their yem insteady encourages people to increase on their yem balance
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If you are wondering about earning from the POS compared to the BUYBACK program, keep in mind that fees are charged for sending and receiving. You will probably spend more in fees than you could earn on 0.01 YEM from the POS by making the transfer again. Plus by staying in the BUYBACK program you have a chance to get what you want the most-money, without paying 3 transfer fees.
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Guys, all I can read over and over again, is that all YEM holders should be patient and to simply sit and wait…but if you do want YEM to become exchangeable, get your asses up and create some circulation! Find investors, shops, sell goods for YEM, make it more well-known…and if there is any opportunity, take it! (f.e. moneyville survey, where have you all been then??)
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