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Many people are nolonger interested in collecting free yem because they are impatient.
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People now days have different reasons to why they do not vote one is that some people do not have nationally identity cards and others do hate each other
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The Digital rewards issue low amounts of rewards and yet data is expensive from the telecoms & associated service providers.
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Simply they are some sites which doing the same, and they are rewarding triple to pro or no like think tank,lotofree e.t.c.
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it's because few people no about proorno although it helps people to get free yem with out arning much
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People are nolong participating in pro or no may be they are to busy in other activities and others are edged they dont know the link that rewords free yem so youth need to informed about sites that help to make money other than looking for videos that do not pay you at the end of the day.
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Some people have waited for long which has made the impatient in this project.
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People are there but the problem is,some members have lost hope on safe zone projects and YEM. Others they see we are wasting time on things which are not giving them something to eat..

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First of all, people ae confused by some posts. Pro or No was designed to ask a yes or no question, but many people make comments instead of asking a question that can easily be answered.
I usually don't respond to improper posts that don't give me a chance to leave proper feedback
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Have you realized that these days there are a few people who vote on Pro or No

I have been wondering why they are are few people who use pro or no one of these days. Whether it comes to making statements or commenting or even voting.
What may be the main reason?

How do you vote?

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