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Uganda still has many remote areas with no electricity to power those machines.
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Because Uganda is a developing country since it's some leaders are still being confused
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Uganda still has hard to reach areas remort aresa.
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You country and its whole leadership structure is simply backward. Advise to advance through technological innovations.
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Due to ignorance of the administration panel which can help to sensitize there people about that.
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Some parts of Uganda are hard to reach, they are not accessible
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Typewriters are not readily available among the population and typewritten fonts are hard to duplicate using computer. There is a unique way, a typewritten font appears with age marks and obsolete font characteristics. This makes the documents hard to forge.
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Yeah, because internet connection in those areas are not reacheable.
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Why is it that some government documents in Uganda are still using typewriter?

When you receive a land title in Uganda, it's typed in the old system using a manual typewriter. These are location. Name of the land holder and the previous owner. As for the case of passports it's the same on the bio data page of a passport book.

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