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Corruption and greed is dangerous to the society where by everybody is thinking about him self.
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This is due to famine and poor government policies to provide enough social services to it's citizens
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This is because most people are selfish which is a big problem among citizens
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More especially in Africa we don't have readers but we have rules who ever greed with no idea of uplift standard of there people but to become Palisades to them.
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it's because there is little water so that why there is many number of human beings who die in those areas of subsahala
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it's because there is little water in those areas while human being can not live with out water so that LEDs to death of people
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It's because of harsh climatic conditions there like draught
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There are many deaths in subsaharan Countries..

There are quite number of deaths in subsaharan African countries.

Poor health facilities to accommodate many epidemics in this 21st century. The countries have corrupt and selfish leaders who never mind much about the wellbeing of their citizens. So much of the resources are embazzled and misused by the greeedy leaders of the region.

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