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al comienzo del año pasado jugué y gane....pero no he podido disfrutar de ese premio. Aún no se sacar ese dinero.. sin embargo hay que seguir jugando...

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Most people are in habit of playing lottofree every day of their lives in order to know whether they will make ends meet.
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I play lottfree buti have never win but some people do it's just a matter of time be patient.
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Lottefree is one of the hardest sites to win despite persistent participation. It is quite hard to just pick the last 2 figures correct.
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That one depends on your luck, you can even play for the year and you don't wine, so that was your luck, but the easy way of getting yem is by playing pro or no.
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I play everyday and I won 3 times
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Let us make more reaserch on rotefree. I played it some time back and they were deducting on free yem after losing so i will research more about many yem games so i will come back informing you about good games to help us inorder to collect yem.thank u
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I play lottefree on a daily basis and I can't miss any day without participating. I think this am making my second year this year while participating in daily. Am so great full that I have won six times. Every one come and participate.
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I do play but I have never won anything since last year, I don't know the creatia they use to win
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Sincerly this one is aluck i myself i played several times bt i hve never won i dont know why. Any one to help me such that i can win.
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Do you play LOTTEFREE every day?

Not long ago I won over $500 of FYEM by selecting just 2 correct numbers. i'm going to commit to play more often. Good luck to all. Your first selection every day is free.

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no lo hago a diario, pero vale la pena hacerlo. si lovale,
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It is because I get a smart phone with data connection by chance
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