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Pride is a product selfishness once someone begin to develop prideness the next thing will be failure meanwhile pride is not good
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True because many people when they are helping others they think to be superior in those people's life
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Respect, respect each other because we need each other. Every person has his area of weakness and strength.
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People can do their work with out some ones pride thank you
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Because people can do every thing with out some ones pride
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yeah that's true we can do better without you and its better to first learn whether you are somewhat important to me before you bragg. life would be so good without pretenters
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Most especially in Uganda, people think that it's matter of explaining, even if it's not true, hi guys others don't understand your only wise in community .
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Reduce on your pride because people can do everything without youut

Reduce on your pride beacause people can do without you.many people have alot of pride whenever they assume any political office. They start behaving as if he is the only understanding person in theworld.But let me tell you my brother or sister, just know that even before you came into that office, it has been running smoothly.

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People need each other in this world to fight the common cause. Even íf that office is left for you alone you cant serve animals. You need to serve people there be good with people whom you are supposed to serve. Service is a calling and serve in order to be served without aiming at salary or any pay. If paid good and well thats why most of the people they think get a job is because they are more knolegable than other when its not the case. Only chance and luck befell on them instead of utilising that chance properly instead they waste it. May they revise themselves and serve holy heartedly in order to eliminate corruption and bribery and embezzlement of fund in most offices. Nice time.
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