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In every country it is the duty of central bank in every country to regulate the monetary activities of their country.
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We should learn to see changes in good mood because the world has been changing in many things, why do you see this as something bad?
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Yes, every revolution has both negative and positive consequences but the case of digital revolution is the fourth industrial revolution in the whole world, and each revolution has its new challenges of which modern technology and simplified work with machines is the world we are heading to for sure. But all in all it will be a nice change. Nice time.
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An evil government can indeed make it worse for it's citizens through this system
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A bad government can use anything you can't think of to touch it's people, do you think it has been cbdc for the bad government which has been touching people for years?.
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I was reading some article and i thought humanity is set for worse once we allow our governments to take us on the path of accepting Central bank digital currency.
A bad and authoritative government will weaponize this online money and torture for instance it's opposition by cutting off their connections of this online money system just as in most countries during elections, the internet is cut off until proper rigging has been done to bring back the incumbent to office.
Gov'ts are creating their own cryptocurrency CBDC , saying that it's for our convenience to avoid using dirty bank notes and coins .....
These plans are aimed at ruling you the user of this kind of money by taking away your rights to your money at any time the authorities deem fit.... for reasons e.g you are in the opposition, you are demonstrating against ... and can put a limit to your purchases.
I suggest that we reject this kind of money because you will be a slave in whatever Country you come from especially here in Africa where we have Leaders that cling to power for life.

How do you vote?

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Weaponising a digital currency may not be the ultimate goal of any mischievous government or regime. Digital transactions will cut across the world spectrum of blockchain technology. In simple terms you will still be able to trade elsewhere.
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