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Education is the panacea of all academic excellence if you think that education is very expensive then try illiteracy
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Education is having more value and in this digital transition we need to be more educated
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It depends on what you study and how you master it because you need to specialise in your skill.
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Yes its has some value cos if ur not educated ur not understand things easy especially on internet only every is digital you need to have education atlest to create ur own job or be ur our boss
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Some yem holders have withdrawalawned their 0.1 YEM since it could not yield anything compared to those which is in Proof of Stake. It's a great idea to some and to others they are still waiting that may be at one time in the future the exercise will yield them fiat. As for you as a
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Because it is too expensive and so some people do not have enough money to educate their children
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To someone who is capable of doing something even 20⁹% is too big sometimes our capability of doing something is with us, you don't need to be tough to do something which is yours .
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These days education seems no value. This

Does really education contribute 20percent of one's success. This is what was told to us by one of the staff members

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i don't agree coz life without education is such a wound in the ass,education is so productive and add alot of value in our lifes
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