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The scarcity of something makes it hard to be found hance making it expensive.
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Yes harder things most times can be easy to get ather than easy ones, for listance if they tell you, that girl can be easy to corner , you can fail to get her well as the hard one can be easy to get.
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i like proverbs coz it reveals the level of inteligiency of human and how brilliant we can be.
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But by pressing a yam is harder while a banana is soft. Yam has less water content than yam. Yam do have more fibre content than banana. It is said that bananas are 70% water. Yams and bananas contain starch. When you eat yam you satisfied for a long time while for bananas for short time.
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Is a ripe banana harder than a raw yam?

Categorisation of aman whom is said to be mad made the above tittle. May be some times harder things are easier to get than simple ones

How do you vote?

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No because when you hit aripen banana on the ground it breaks in pieces than araw one
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